In the coming period, Nigeria will repatriate around six hundred Nigerians from South Africa after the unrest in the country, AFP reports Monday. There have already been several deaths in protests in which migrants, especially of Nigerian origin, have fallen victim.

South Africa has previously decided to temporarily close the embassy in Nigeria. Some stores also keep the doors closed as a precaution.

Relations between the countries are sharp after the unrest in South Africa. The persistent violence, which was caused by, among other things, the poverty of some groups, mainly affected Nigerian migrants.

At least ten people would have died in the violence in South Africa, which is taking place in Johannesburg, among others. The mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba said earlier the riots correspond to earlier disturbances. He calls it the result of a growing hostility towards migrants.

As a result of the violence in South Africa, disturbances have also broken out in Nigeria. Various companies that are in South African hands were stormed. Dozens of people are still stuck on suspicion of looting.