Nacho Vidal, during the video in which he explains his illness. YOUTUBE

Nacho Vidal: "If I were not as strong as I am, I could have killed myself because of the harassment I have suffered"

Nacho Vidal breaks his silence about his state of health, after rumors of HIV positive

The alarms in the European porn industry jumped last February: a leading Spanish actor had tested positive for HIV. Immediately the name of Nacho Vidal made numerous headlines as the person infected with that sexually transmitted disease.

The interpreter disappeared then from the media photo and it has not been until now when Vidal has clarified what happened in those days of February in which the erotic production had to be stopped. He has done it through his YouTube channel, in a video of more than 12 minutes in length, in which Vidal clearly details the hell he has lived these months, with English subtitles.

The actor, he says, was living a moment of several diseases and viruses when he came to take the test, "that famous test that tested positive for HIV. Well, there is something called false positive that is when the positive is false for some reason, like the flu virus has interfered or you are bad. And I had Reiter's disease, not AIDS. It's like comparing a Ferrari with a Lada; Lada would be AIDS and Reiter would be Ferrari , from pain".

Vidal had contracted Reiter's Syndrome "seven months ago", a disease derived, as detailed, from the dozens of times the actor had had gonorrhea and chlamydia that he has suffered throughout his career in porn. "It's a virus, the Reiter, that is in your blood with gonorrhea and chlamydia, that is asleep ... I don't know how old he was asleep, I had it and didn't know it. I caught a very strong flu, of 39-40 degrees that I did not go down for a week [...] That flu, that fever, that going to the bathroom that caused me a hemorrhoid, suddenly caused me a prostatitis, the prostate becomes inflamed and when it hurts you can't even imagine. Well, with all those viruses that I had in my body, I went to do the AIDS test. "

"I was locked in my house for four months," the actor continues in the video, "I spent two weeks without being able to sleep even one night, I went to six different doctors, none could tell me what I had and they gave me pain pills, which I didn't they did nothing to me. [...] I finally found a doctor who told me 'today you are going to go away with the diagnosis. It is hurting, right?' and I said: 'I want to kill myself with pain' ".

Apparently, since then the actor continues to suffer the outbreak of this disease that suffers and calms the pain caused by "opiates by day and morphine at night." "I got under the coverlet and asked to die. That is the Reiter. I am taking the disability because I can not work, at all, because it is a chronic disease that you have for life and give you outbreaks. I have been with him for nine months. sprout and I continue to medicate myself every day, "says Vidal in his video.

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