Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) spoke out against taxation in the debate over a price for the emission of carbon dioxide. Instead, she prefers the model of emissions trading. The certificates trade is superior to a CO2 tax, said Merkel at the closed meeting of the head of the Union faction in Potsdam. Participants of the conference said that the Chancellor had been as clear in her remarks on this issue, as never before, reports the German Press Agency.

Accordingly, the Chancellor argued that a certificate trading would meet with more acceptance among the population. In addition, unlike a tax, he could produce innovations that are not yet known. At the beginning, incentives were needed. Merkel also showed sympathy for the proposed by CSU National Group chief Alexander Dobrindt government climate bond. Also Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) had praised the idea of ​​the former Minister of Transport and encouraged the implementation of a private foundation, it was said from participant circles.

Dobrindt had proposed to issue a government bond for savers to finance climate protection. "Climate protection now requires billions in investment in climate-friendly technologies," he said on Sunday. Therefore, citizens should be encouraged by guaranteed positive interest rates to invest in climate protection. According to Dobrindt, this bond is expected to yield a government-guaranteed return of two percent pa and run until 2030. The bond should be issued by the state-owned KfW banking group.

Green cast government symbolism

For the energy industry and parts of industry, there is already a carbon price through a trade in pollution rights at EU level. In the current climate protection debate, it's about making more expensive fuel, heating oil and natural gas. But there should be compensation to make the measures socially acceptable. The Union is placing priority on trade in certificates for transport and heating and measures to reduce electricity prices. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD), on the other hand, calls for an increase in taxes on heating oil and gasoline. About a per capita lump sum, the revenue should be paid back to the citizens.

Parallel to the closed session of the Union faction, the Greens accused the government of "symbolic policy" in climate protection at the meeting of its parliamentary group in Weimar. Angela Merkel said "Stop Pill Punch", and "Pillepalle's end is what's needed to fight the climate crisis," said faction leader Anton Hofreiter to kick off the event. In the face of increasing global warming and its consequences "must be acted quickly." Especially the emissions trading, for which Merkel had spoken out criticized Hofreiter. Its introduction would take years, and it is already clear that he is "as dilapidated as the European emissions trading," he warned.