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Italy: Conte wants to renegotiate distribution of refugees in Europe


Italy has long been bothered by the Dublin system and announces new talks about it. But it is still uncertain whether the new coalition will actually come about.

The designated Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wants to renegotiate the so-called Dublin rules on dealing with refugees. He wants to "overcome the resulting system for the distribution of refugees in the European Union (EU) in negotiations with the EU," says a post that Conte had published on his Facebook page. So "finally a European regulation of the immigration problem" is to be achieved, writes Conte.

The EU countries have long argued about the distribution of refugees. The Dublin rules - first codified in 1990 in the Dublin agreement, then updated in 2003 by the Dublin regulation and finally by the Dublin III regulation in 2013 - require refugees to apply for asylum in the EU country, where they are known as first European floor. Above all, the EU member states wanted to prevent refugees from applying for asylum in several countries.

"Overcoming Dublin, overcoming austerity measures"

In addition to Greece and the Balkan states, the government in Rome also became increasingly dissatisfied with these regulations: most of the refugees who set out from North Africa via the so-called Mediterranean route to Europe land on their Italian coasts. The previous Coalition under Conte, especially his alliance partner, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the far-right Lega, had even refused to grant refugee rescued from distress refuge in one of the ports of the country.

The non-party Conte also wants to maintain pressure as a possible head of government of a new coalition of the populists of the five-star movement and the Social Democrats (PD) on the other member states - and doubts the previous austerity measures of the EU. The rules in force need to be changed, there must be an open and critical dialogue to "overcome" austerity policies, Conte said.

All these announcements can also be found in the government program that the potential coalition parties have now presented. First and foremost, both sides plead for a budget with more spending - and thus a departure from the strict criteria of the Masstricht, by which the new debt of an EU country may only amount to three percent of the gross domestic product. The draft government program also provides for much higher investment in the economically underdeveloped South and better protection for savers and their savings. Accordingly, an Internet tax is also planned for major international corporations.

Online voting on new coalition

However, it is not until this Tuesday evening that it is decided whether the new government will come to fruition, and thus a new election in Italy will be finally avoided. Thus, the members of the five stars are called to vote until 18 clock online on the planned alliance with the previous opposition PD.

"There is a unique opportunity to show that we can really make a decisive difference to this country," Conte called on the voters to give the Alliance a chance. There are no superheroes needed, which his son so much, wrote the 55-year-old in his Facebook post. "It's enough to have people who are normal, responsible and committed, who love their country more than anything else."

Source: zeit

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