Green politician Renate Künast has demanded to offer in public canteens, as well as other state institutions in future only organic food. "If all schools, day-care centers and hospitals rely on organic food for both meals, this is a message to the farming families in the countryside to make the switch," Künast told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung . According to Künasthätten, public institutions have enormous purchasing power and could thus increase bio-production in German agriculture.

"Every district administrator, every mayor should then check the menus to the local institutions," Künast demanded. For this, the counties and communities could sign long-term contracts with individual farmers. According to Künast, "this makes it attractive for the farmer to change his production".

The offer of organic food would not necessarily mean the green politician waiving meat products. "The curry sausage can also be produced more ecologically," Künast said. In the past, the Greens have been criticized for claiming a Veggie Day - a day on which only vegetarian food is offered in canteens.

But according to Künast, "our current diet" has generally failed. According to her, people would live unhealthily and animals and the environment would suffer from cultivation and housing conditions. In addition, many peasants are doing badly. "That's just not possible," said the former Federal Minister of Agriculture.

The federal government wants 2030 agricultural land in Germany to be farmed organically by 2030. The government in Bavaria even wants to reach 30 percent. At present it is still 9.1 percent.