The Dutch Railways have received many dozens of letters from organizations representing relatives of people who were transported by train to camps during the Second World War. They report because they also want financial compensation.

A NS spokesperson reported this to on Monday. The NS wrote, among other things, angry relatives of members of the resistance and forced laborers who were transported to Germany.

The Dutch Railways (NS) announced in June that Jews, Roma and Sinti who were transported by trains from the transporter to extermination camps will receive an allowance of 15,000 euros. In total it would amount to a few tens of millions of euros.

Survivors of someone who died in or on their way to a concentration camp are entitled to a reimbursement of up to 7,500 euros

"Topic makes a lot of loose"

Relatives of members of the resistance transported to camps do not, in principle, receive compensation, the NS said earlier, because in their case there was no question of genocide as a motive.

"It is understandable that this topic is stirring up a lot", says an NS spokesperson. A concrete appointment has already been made with the members of the resistance for an interview on 3 October. "We handle all letters. And we answer everyone. But we want to do that carefully. That will take some time."

NS had expected to receive many responses

The NS states that it took into account a large number of responses in advance. "It's a very sensitive subject," the spokesman explains. "If you set a limit, certainly on such a topic, there will always be a discussion about whether that was the right choice."

According to Het Parool, NIOD historian David Barnouw said on Sunday at a meeting of the Dutch Confederation of Interests for Persecution of Victims that the NS was not the only company that cooperated with the Germans during the war years. Moreover, NS has for a long time been contributing to, for example, Westerbork Memorial Camp and the Holocaust Museum, without giving it much publicity.

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