The AFD parliamentary group in Bremen is broken in an internal dispute. About three months after the election to the state, the country's chairman Frank Magnitz and the deputies Uwe Felgenträger and Mark Runge have declared their resignation from the so far five-member faction. Trigger was a rift with fraction leader Thomas Jürgewitz, said Magnitz. He had blocked a "constructive opposition work" and accused him to have embezzled a five-digit sum of money. As a group, the three deputies but want to stay in the citizenry.

Magnitz is also a member of the AfD parliamentary group. However, according to a spokesman, the federal executive of the party had asked him to declare by 1 September which of his two mandates he would renounce in the future. Otherwise he would have to reckon with corrective measures. These could possibly be decided already this week. Magnitz was unimpressed. "The federal board is not the body to demand such a thing," he said. The state executive also demanded the same word, which shows that Jürgewitz is behind it. He does not fear a party exclusion.

According to information from the Weser courier, Magnitz feared that Jürgewitz would want to dispute his mandate in the Bundestag. In addition, the now defunct treasurer Guido Thieme accuses Magnitz of having embezzled party funds in five-figure height - which rejects Magnitz. Originally, the national party convention of the AfD was to take place on 15 September. In the state election on May 26, the AfD had reached 6.1 percent.