The driver who jumped out of a black Audi this weekend after a wild chase on the A28, is still on the run. The police and the Explosives Clearance Service Defense (EOD) cannot yet give a definite answer about the possible explosives that were found in the car.

A police spokesperson for the Eastern Netherlands reported this on Monday. "We do our utmost to find the suspect," he says. He cannot say how this happens. "That would frustrate the investigation."

The spokesperson cannot say whether the driver was also the owner of the car and whether useful DNA traces were found in the car. The police investigated this on Sunday.

The A28 between Zwolle and Meppel was closed for hours from Saturday evening to Sunday morning due to the pursuit.


EOD is looking for possible explosives in the car on the A28

The man was stopped because of false license plates

The police wanted to keep the black Audi standing because the man was driving around with stolen license plates. But the man ran at high speed.

After a chase, the man was stuck. But he jumped out of the car and escaped with danger to his own life via the other lane to a meadow. A major search with a police helicopter yielded nothing.

EOD did hours of research on the A28

Agents found objects in the car that could be used as explosives. The Explosives Clearance Service Defense (EOD) was on site for hours to view the materials and then took the objects for further investigation.

This investigation has not produced anything yet, the police said on Monday. It is also not clear what the man was planning for the possible explosives.

In a chase on the # A28, the driver jumped out of the car and fled. The car is still on the highway and we are now investigating it. That is why the A28 is closed between the #Ommen and #Nieuwleusen exits. ^ MB

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