Lodz (AP) - After an unexpected boost in motivation by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German volleyball players moved into the European Championship quarter-finals.

One day after a chance visit from Steinmeier in the team hotel, the team of national coach Felix Koslowski overcame Slovenia 3-0 in quick succession (25:21, 25:15, 25:20).

With another victory on Wednesday against Poland or Spain, the finals unbeaten European Championship fifth of 2017 can even intervene in the medal fight. Best German offensive players were in front of 2520 spectators in the Atlas Arena of Lodz Jennifer Geerties and Louisa Lippmann with 15 points each.

Steinmeier had traveled to Poland the day before to attend commemorative events at the beginning of the Second World War 80 years ago on Sunday with Poland's President Andrzej Duda. In the team hotel he posed spontaneously for a group photo with exceptional player Lippmann & Co.

The German volleyball players also got off to a great start - but then got more and more problems with the Slovenians. After three days of competition break they obviously had teething problems. By two very important blocks of Camilla Weitzel and Jana-Franziska Poll went the DVV team but with 20:18 in the lead.

Geerties then brought her team in front with 23:20 with another two successful promotions. The future Italian Legionnaire of Imoco Volley Conegliano then turned the first set ball.

If Koslowski's players had missed the courage on offense in the opening round, it was much better in the second half. With 8: 1, the Germans sat down from the same time. The Slovenians lacked both the pressure on the serve and the precision in attack. After a brief slack, the Germans again concentrated on, Geerties successfully smashed the second set ball into the field of the opponent.

Koslowski has so far admired the consistency of his team at the European Championships - and in the third set Lippmann & Co. did not disappoint him either. The strong Geerties made in a one-sided duel the achievement of the German minimal goal with a block perfect.

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