Baseball instruction qualifications for high school students and university students.

For those who have experience in professional baseball, even if they do not have a teacher's license, they can now attend active athletes and managers for training to qualify for high school and university students.

As a general rule, high school students and university students who are experienced in professional baseball will be able to receive guidance without a teacher's license if they receive a total of 3 days of training for both professionals and amateurs.

With regard to this training, NPB = Japan Baseball Organization and others are now able to attend active athletes, coaches and coaches who are looking forward to teaching at high schools and universities in the future.

Participation in the training is given priority to those who have left the team, and those who are enrolled in the team will be able to attend when the recruitment capacity is not reached.

This training is scheduled in Tokyo from December 13th to 15th, with a capacity of 150 people.