Two Palestinian policemen have been killed in two explosions in the Gaza Strip. This is reported by radical Islamic Hamas and Palestinian media. According to her, the explosions occurred Tuesday night near a police station southwest of the city of Gaza. Two of the policemen killed were at a crossroads on a motorcycle when the first explosion occurred. According to media reports, another policeman was killed in the second explosion.

The Ministry of the Interior, led by Gaza-based Hamas, spoke of three dead policemen and three others injured. After the explosions, the state of emergency was declared and several people were arrested.

The cause of the explosions remained unclear. Hamas and other militant Palestinian organizations blame Israel for the incident. In several statements, they accused the Israeli government of destabilizing the situation in the coastal area.

Residents reported that they had noticed an Israeli army drone over the city of Gaza at the time of the explosions. Israel denied the allegations. An Israeli military spokesman said he knew nothing about involvement in the explosions.

Fragile truce

Earlier, an Israeli aircraft attacked Hamas positions in northern Gaza on Tuesday. Israel reacted to a projectile that had been fired from there to the south of Israel. According to Palestinian security sources, the Hamas observation post was destroyed in the attack. There have been no reports of injuries. Also on Monday, Israeli fighters had flown retaliatory attacks on a Hamas military site.

An unofficial ceasefire between Israel and Hamas brokered by Egypt had recently been broken several times. Radical Palestinians have repeatedly fired missiles into Israeli territory and attempted to break through the border fence of the Gaza Strip. Israel responded with air strikes. During attacks on the border, nine militant Palestinians have already been killed in the month of August.

Twelve years ago, Israel tightened a blockade on the coastal area, which is now being supported by Egypt. Palestinians have been demonstrating against the blockade every week since March last year on the border with Israel. Frequently, the demonstrations resulted in clashes with the Israeli army. Since then, at least 305 Palestinians have been killed, most during such protests and clashes. The number of Israelis killed is seven.

The EU, Israel and the US classify Hamas as a terrorist organization. In the Gaza Strip, around two million people live in difficult conditions, and there is a shortage of drinking water and electricity.