British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will meet with other opposition party leaders in the British parliament this Tuesday to prevent Britain from leaving the EU without an agreement. The Labor chief is also looking for support for a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which he could request next week when MEPs return from their summer break.

Corbyn had announced in mid-August that he would seek a vote of no confidence against Johnson to prevent an unregulated Brexit on October 31. He then wants to become interim head of state to request a new postponement of the withdrawal from the EU. After a new election of the Parliament, there could then be another referendum on the stay of Britain in the EU.

"I hope they all support the vote of no confidence that I am going to bring to the House of Commons, and then this government will not be able to push the no-deal Brexit." "No Labor-led transitional government will prevent the exit without an agreement with the EU, and new elections so that citizens can then decide on the future of the country, "Corbyn said.

Corbyn warns of consequences of a no-deal Brexit

According to Corbyn, the result of the EU referendum is misused by those who want a so-called "banker Brexit". "The chaos and uncertainty caused by Brexit without a deal is a potential goldmine for speculators betting against the pound," wrote the opposition executive in a guest commentary for the Independent . The Labor politician warned of the consequences of a no-deal Brexit. According to him, this Britain will "not give back sovereignty, but expose it to the mercy of Trump and the big US corporations". He also endangered the British food and animal welfare regulations.

Although all opposition parties have accepted Corbyn's invitation, it is not clear that the no-confidence vote against Johnson's government has any prospects. The leader of the Liberal Democrat, Jo Swinson, wrote to Corbyn that the vote of no confidence could fail if he wanted to become head of the government. Due to his radical left-wing positions and controversial attitude to Britain's EU membership, the Labor leader within the opposition is controversial. According to the Independent , Swinson proposes a less controversial politician, such as the parliamentary elite Kenneth Clarke or the nonpartisan, respected Labor politician Harriet Harman as head of government.

Johnson still hopes for agreement with the EU

Prime Minister Johnson said at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, that he still hopes for an agreement with EU partners. Johnson, however, wants to renegotiate the controversial backstop scheme. The EU does not fundamentally reject this, but it does ask for concrete alternative proposals from the UK Government. The backstop scheme aims to prevent border controls at the Irish border by continuing to make Britain part of the EU single market. Many conservatives, however, reject this because they continue to bind Britain to the EU in trade matters.

Johnson has recently repeatedly stressed that he is convinced that a regulated exit from the EU by the current Brexit deadline on 31 October is feasible. If necessary, he wants to lead his country but also without a Brexit agreement from the EU. The latter scenario is likely to have significant consequences, especially for the economy, because according to the current state of things again tariffs and border controls must be introduced.