Forum for Democracy MP Theo Hiddema believes that Henk Otten has been unjustly expelled from the party. Hiddema drops his fellow MP and party leader Thierry Baudet on Tuesday's talk show Jinek on Tuesday. He argued that treasurer Otten was cheating on finances, but Hiddema blamed the breach on a clash of characters.

Baudet and his remaining co-director Rob Rooken abolished Otten, who was also in the Upper House for FVD, at the end of last month. Otten took his seat, received support from two other senators and started a new party with them. Several FVD Provincial States members also switched to Otten last week.

Hiddema would have preferred to keep Otten and his ally senator Jeroen de Vries inboard, because there is "no harm in it". According to him, it was "personal sentiments, temperaments and moods that made the difference." According to him it had "not been necessary".

According to Baudet, the party could not go further with Otten because he would have fiddled with the greenhouse and would have been guilty of subsidy fraud. FVD also screened against the co-founder who fell into disgrace, but on closer inspection the party sees no benefit.

Besides party leader Baudet, Hiddema is the only other member of the Lower House of FVD. He sees no problem in his disagreement with Baudet. The party board is simply about arguing with Otten, he argues. Hiddema is not in it and Baudet is.

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