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Accident with seven dead: Human error Cause of misfortune in Mallorca?


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Palma (AP) - The helicopter accident with seven dead in Mallorca may be due to human error.

The pilots of the helicopter and the small plane, which collided on Sunday in 250 meters height, would have probably not seen, reported media of the Spanish island on Tuesday, citing investigators. There are no indications of a technical failure. Among the dead was a family of four from Munich. After questioning the first eyewitnesses, everything points to the fact that human error is the cause of the accident, the media quoted.

Four experts from the Spanish civil aviation authority, who arrived on Monday on the island, try to get to the bottom of the cause of the accident. On Tuesday, however, a judge at the Investigation Court in Inca also investigated. The corpses should therefore be given to the families only after detailed autopsies for burial, said judicial spokesman.

The Munich couple and their two children belonged to the well-known family of companies Inselkammer, which among other things owned a brewery and a company for the production of prefabricated houses.

Not only laymen, but also experienced pilots are asking themselves, how it could come in the best weather and visibility conditions to the worst aviation tragedy in the history of the island. "I can not understand. Both pilots were at the same height and have not seen each other, "said Biel Gomila, president of the airfield of Binissalem, where the light aircraft with two Spaniards had started on board, the newspaper" El País ".

A pilot told the newspaper "Diario de Mallorca" that the regulations for helicopters would be very precise and strictly defined before the start. In microlight aviators, however, is probably more often times closed an eye. Because of the increase in the number of tourists in recent years, more and more sightseeing flights over Majorca's coves, mountains and beaches are booked, arises after the disaster for many the question: How safe is the sky now over the favorite holiday island of the Germans?

Yolanda Romero has one answer: "The accident was seen," she assures. The finca of Romero is located in Inca in the middle of the island. It is only two plots away from the place where the helicopter company Helicopter Helicopters from Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt / Main with the German family and the Italian pilot aboard between country houses full of summer vacationers opened. The tragedy could have been much worse.

Romero fears that it will only be a matter of time before people on the ground are affected. "Every day, countless small planes that also do exercises fly over this area. They always fly very deep, one day they will fall on our houses, "said the wife of the" Diario de Mallorca ". One is tired of complaining to the inactive authorities.

The three-day grief proclaimed by Regional President Francina Armengol runs until Wednesday, pain and grief will certainly last even longer. But in the midst of grief, there is more and more criticism. The distinguished writer and "Diario de Mallorca" columnist Matías Vallés wrote of a "confusion in a controlled air traffic". He demands from the politicians, who are "only on tweeting", answers to many questions like: How many helicopters are there in Majorca? Who controls the airspace?

Since helicopters and microlights would not be able to communicate with each other because they would normally be connected to different frequencies, "the most important thing is to keep the field of vision under control," said Secretary of the Spanish Microlight Association, Antonio Pinedo.

This basic rule was possibly violated on Sunday - with fatal consequences for the Inselkammers, who celebrated their 43rd birthday with the island round trip. The couple, the eleven-year-old son and the nine-year-old daughter died instantly after the collision between Inca and Costitx.

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