The Ministry of Finance appeals against the judgment of the Rotterdam court on a case in the childcare allowance affair, reports State Secretary Menno Snel on Friday. This concerns the release of the investigation file of the woman who sued the Tax Authorities for the unjustified termination of her allowance.

The judge ruled last month that the childcare allowance of the woman had been wrongly stopped and that the tax authorities had to pay her compensation.

The State Secretary does not object to that part of the ruling, Snel writes in a letter to the House of Representatives. But because the file contains "privacy-sensitive data from others", he wants clarification from the Council of State about what information he can and cannot disclose.

The court previously agreed with the woman's request to see her research file, because she must be given the opportunity to substantiate her suspicions of ethnic profiling.

There is currently a lot to do about childcare allowances. It has been found that in hundreds of cases the tax authorities erroneously stopped the payment. The handling of objections from victims was trained, Snel acknowledged earlier this year.


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