Tutzing (dpa) - Peter Maffay has created more than just one world in his career. The realm of the small, green dragon Tabaluga is one of them - but also his own, multi-building property in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg.

There sits his foundation for disadvantaged children and adolescents. There he has a studio where he produces his music. There he spoke with the German Press Agency about his 70th birthday - and much more.

Question: You are 70 years old. What is the time period that starts for you now?

Answer: Erdgeschichtlich is a 70th birthday not terribly incisive. But for me already. I have the feeling that the duty is fulfilled, and now begins the freestyle. I can not really define that, but after 50 years on stage, I can imagine that there will be much more space for improvisation, for experimenting - musically as well.

Question: Why did not this place exist before? Why did you stick to the "compulsory program"?

Answer: It is a very pleasant duty. I honestly could not have imagined anything better in my life than to live like that - with music. I would always do that again if I had to decide. But in the meantime, I have the feeling that everything is round and the right amount and that I no longer have to master the task of achieving this measure. Also in the foundation, we have now arrived at a point where everything runs reasonably well. Now it's about filling up the coming time with creativity and coming up with beautiful things. Another occasion is my little daughter. This is also a completely new aspect. My son is 16 - I forgot some of his first year.

Question: So maybe you will take a little bit more time for the private and your daughter?

Answer: Yes. The first 50 years were already very fast. The profession has everything superimposed - and not too close. In the meantime there really is no longer any reason to live this hectic life. I know that I speak here against better knowledge and a certain pressure will build up anyway. I was always able to cope with pressure quite well. But I also have to admit that there were times when it was too much for me. I'm a bad no-sayer, and if you have to stand on stage with 40 degrees fever somehow, that's disgusting. But we also came down from the stage more often - and the fever was gone.

Question: Has your private or family life come too short over the years?

Answer: Yes. There are people in my life that I would have liked to see more often, and I would have loved to sit with them more often, and so on. I also observe these circumstances with others. You kind of like yourself, you are devoted and you want to spend time together - but coordinating everything is not that easy.

Question: The title "Morgen" on your album is almost brutal politically - with warning pictures of Adolf Hitler in the music video. You are not necessarily known as an apolitical person - but why now so explicitly?

Answer: Yes, we have never had that hard. But it's not unusual by now. You can see this, for example, with Rammstein and other people who use the platform music to articulate in a social and political way. It's the reality. We do not show invented pictures. The juxtaposition makes it clear which scale of topics, conflicts and erosions we are dealing with. If you imagine the coming generations and under what circumstances they will live, then there is inevitably a mega-task.

But thank God, I am far from the only one who touches or touches such things. If you make a new album after 50 years, then you can go out with Blabla - or you can position yourself. I think that we have to preserve and protect this social system in which we have the luck to live. And for that it is necessary that one confesses to it and that one does not give in to these erosions. It's like rusting that creeps over. You have to permanently remove and fight.

ABOUT PERSON: Peter Maffay was born on August 30, 1949 as Peter Alexander Makkay in Romania. In 1963 he moved to Bavaria with his parents. For decades he has been celebrating great success with his music. In the 80s Maffay developed the rock tale "Tabaluga". Recently, he also made private headlines, because he left his fourth wife for a teacher who is 38 years younger than him. He now has a little daughter with her. Maffay celebrates his 70th birthday with his new album "Jetzt" and a concert in Berlin.

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