Berlin (dpa) - How equivalent are the living conditions in Germany? The Berlin Institute for Population and Development wants to present this Thursday (10.30) in a "Teilhabeatlas".

The authors compared 401 districts and county-level cities with indicators such as municipal tax revenues, Hartz IV rates, early school leavers, household incomes, emigration, fast internet, infrastructure and life expectancy.

The analysis reveals considerable differences in the social participation opportunities of its inhabitants, it says in advance. It makes a big difference whether people live in an economically strong city or on the structurally weak country, on the coast in the north, in the west on the Rhine and Ruhr, in the foothills of the Alps in the south or in the east on Unstrut and Oder.

In a non-representative qualitative survey of about 300 people, the authors also investigated the question of whether the inhabitants of allegedly dependent regions feel disadvantaged and whether people in successful regions are satisfied.