Rugby promotion to Japan National Team chairperson promotion to Mr. Fujii August 21 21:33

While it has been less than a month before the opening of the Japan Rugby World Cup tournament, it is expected that Yuichiro Fujii will be promoted to the chairman of the Japanese national team, who has been trusted by Jamie Joseph head coach.

The Japanese Rugby Association was renewed in June with Chairman Shigetaka Mori, but the chairman of the Japanese national team was appointed as the chairman of Mori, after showing his policy to appoint new personnel. I would like to decide who is good by consulting. "

According to multiple officials, Mr. Fujii on behalf of Mr. Masahiro Kajita, who was out of business in order to resolve the absence of the Chairman of the Reinforcement, while the Japan Association cut the month before the opening of the World Cup. It is expected that the board of directors will submit a human resource case to promote.

Mr. Fujii is 50 years old. In January, he was appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Japan National Team, serving as the manager of the top league Munakata Sanix, the Japanese team participating in Super Rugby, and the general manager of Sunwolves.

The trust from the representative of Japan, Joseph Head Coach, seems to be the best choice for Japan to achieve the top 8 goals set for the World Cup.