About two weeks before the application deadline, the member of the Bundestag Karl-Heinz Brunner announced, according to a media report, to run for the presidency of the party. The SPD politician from Bavaria told the Augsburger Allgemeine that he wanted to ensure that in the selection process "the whole diversity of the party is reflected".

Before the regional conferences beginning in September on the presentation of the candidates, he sees a "clear overhang of the GroKo opponents and the left party spectrum". Brunner belongs to the conservative Seeheimer circle in the SPD.

Karl-Heinz Brunner wants to compete as a single candidate

According to the report, the 66-year-old initially wants to go into the race without a female co-candidate. Anyway, the procedure chosen by the party, which is supposed to form pairs of candidates in advance, he considers to be "unhappy," said Brunner.

Born in Munich, he joined the SPD in 1982. From 1990 to 2002 he was mayor of the city of Illertissen. Since 2013 he belongs to the Bundestag. There he is, among other things, a member of the defense committee.

After the withdrawal of party and faction leader Andrea Nahles, the SPD had decided to leave the decision to the base on the future SPD presidency. The application deadline for the SPD runs until 1 September. The new SPD leadership is then to be de facto determined in a member survey and elected at a party convention in early December.

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