Frankfurt / Main (AP) - After a storm train commuters in the middle and in the south of Germany on Monday continue to expect problems.

Because of a lightning strike in a signal box in Walldorf (Groß-Gerau), the long-distance traffic between Frankfurt / Main and Mannheim in both directions is expected to be diverted until the afternoon, said a railway spokeswoman in the morning. Trains would have to drive an alternative route via Mainz-Bischofsheim and Worms. This leads to delays of 30 to 90 minutes.

Also, the route between Aschaffenburg and Hanau is closed to train specifications because of catenary disturbances. The long-distance traffic between Frankfurt / Main and Würzburg is therefore diverted in both directions via Fulda. There are delays of 60 to 100 minutes, said the spokeswoman. The suspension is expected to last until Tuesday evening.

In the regional traffic of the affected distances a rail substitute traffic had been furnished, nevertheless it comes to delays and failures. Commuters should specifically inform themselves about their connection before the trip.

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