Berlin (dpa) - The planned changes in road traffic meet with many experts for approval - a point, however, continues to criticize: The proposed by Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) release of bus lanes for cars with carpools and electric scooters.

"That would spoil much, which is well regulated with the bus lanes and works," said the chairman of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung". The head of the accident researchers of the insurer, Siegfried Brockmann, assumes that the risk of accidents for cyclists and e-scooter riders would rise, as he said the "Bild" newspaper.

Scheuer had come up with a series of proposals for more road safety on Thursday. He plans, for example, that drivers who illegally use an emergency lane, threatened in the future a fine of up to 320 euros and a month driving ban - this is already true if you do not form such a lane for rescue vehicles. Who illegally parked in second row or on footpaths and cycle paths, should pay instead of 15 € in the future, up to 100 €. The "green arrow" when turning right should also apply to cyclists in the future. Analogous to Tempo-30-Zones for cars in the future also bicycle zones should be arranged.

The main issue at stake is the further planned release of bus lanes for cars with at least three passengers. "We see it critically that cars with carpooling should drive on bus lanes in the future," said the SPD traffic politician Kirsten Lühmann the German Press Agency in Berlin. "To control that, many cameras would be needed. But we do not want a dense network of cameras. This is a public appeal that brings nothing. "Scheuer had justified the measure with more climate-friendly mobility.

The German traffic police welcomes the planned changes in road traffic - but also advocates a fundamental reform. "For this, measures and fines should be scientifically evaluated and prioritized under traffic safety aspects," said a dpa spokesman. Meaningful individual measures did not solve the problem. However, Scheuer's plans were a step in the right direction because they focused on the safety of cyclists. "Especially in cities, cyclists are at high risk due to high traffic volumes, misconduct of car and truck drivers and often poor infrastructure," said the spokesman. At the same time, he welcomed the fact that «the problem of emergency lane continues to be tackled».

Lühmann was also largely behind the suggestions: "Above all, we welcome more safety for cyclists and tougher penalties if escape routes are used illegally. We also think it's good that there should be a ban on switching off emergency brake assistance systems. "This has long been demanded by the SPD. This could increase the acceptance of these systems. Trucks repeatedly caused heavy accidents at traffic jams.

Praise for Scheuer's plans came from the chairman of the transport committee in the Bundestag, Cem Özdemir. "Higher fines for wrong parkers on bike paths and in the second row are long overdue - good that Transport Minister Scheuer wants to do something here," said the Green politician to the editorial network Germany. «Now he has to follow the announcements with deeds and present a draft regulation for the reform of the Highway Code.» Until the Road Traffic Regulations are 100 percent bike- and climate-friendly, but much more must happen, Özdemir added. "Cycling should not be a test of courage."