Berlin (dpa) - The real estate company Deutsche Wohnen wants to sell thousands of apartments. 6500 homes were in northern Germany to disposition, also 3000 in Berlin, as the largest private landlord of the capital announced.

"It is very clear that it makes more and more sense to assume the role of the seller," said CEO Michael Zahn in an analyst conference. This has nothing to do with the planned Berlin Mietendeckel. "We see a lot of cheap money and an increasing demand in the market."

Most recently, the Group's portfolio grew to over 165,000 apartments nationwide. While this year a total of about 10,000 apartments are to be sold, at the same time about 4,000 units were acquired, as Zahn said. "This is something to expect in the next few years." He announced a concept for the third quarter on how the nursing home segment could continue to grow. The corporate strategy will not change fundamentally.