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Protest Movement: Violent clashes at Hong Kong airport


Once again demonstrators paralyzed Hong Kong air traffic. The police intervened and fought the activists. They criticize the procedure.

Hong Kong airport has witnessed violent clashes between thousands of government critics and the police. Officials with batons, helmets and shields invaded the evening in the occupied by activists Airport, which was completely paralyzed for hours because of the blockade as on the day before. Protesters began building more barricades at an entrance ramp against the police. Shortly thereafter, the police initially withdrew.

Due to the blockade many flights have been canceled since the morning. In the afternoon, the airport operator stopped the entire check-in service for all remaining flights of the day. The airport is the central hub for long-haul flights over China and Southeast Asia.

Thousands of supporters of the protest movement occupied the arrivals and departures halls as on Monday. They used barrow cars and other objects to erect barricades. The police had initially behaved restrained during the day. Many demonstrators wore eye-patches or eye-patches to draw attention to the serious eye injury suffered by an activist who had been hit by a rubber bullet from the police during weekend riots.

Prime Minister Carrie Lam turned on Tuesday despite fierce criticism of the demonstrators behind the security forces. The police have recently "had great difficulty enforcing the law." As someone who is not part of the police, she can not decide how the stakes went.

"We block the entire departure area"

After the standstill on Monday, the flight operations on Tuesday at first slow started again before the demonstrators intervened. "We're trying to stop flights today and, just like yesterday, we're blocking the entire departure area so visitors or people trying to leave Hong Kong can not leave," a protester said. The hope is that the government will lose a lot of money due to the blockade.

Passengers tried to make their way with their suitcases through the masses of government opponents sitting close to each other on the ground. There were also verbal conflicts when protesters began to block entire areas of the airport with luggage wagons and other objects.

China's government is increasingly demanding that it restore order to the Special Administrative Region and stop the violence. Yang Gang, spokesman for the Hong Kong-based agency, accused violent demonstrators on Monday of "first signs of terrorism." At the beginning of the week, state media also leaked videos of paramilitary police armored vehicles being gathered in Shenzhen on the border with Hong Kong. It was an exercise, they said.

Life of protesters at risk

In the seven-million metropolis, there have been more than two months of violent protests that regularly end in riots. The trigger for the demonstrations was a government bill that has since been put on hold to extradite suspected criminals to China. The protests developed into a broader movement.

At weekends, there were again violent clashes between demonstrators and the police in Hong Kong. The police used batons and rubber bullets. Tear gas was spilled on the streets and for the first time in a subway station. Violent demonstrators threw stones. The police accused government opponents of violating fire fighters.

According to the UN Human Rights Bureau, security forces at the recent demonstrations in Hong Kong have jeopardized the lives of protesters. There is credible evidence that security forces, for example, fired tear gas canisters multiple times at protesters, the UN office in Geneva said. This poses a "significant risk of death and serious injury". The security forces' actions violated international standards.

Source: zeit

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