Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for the 13th of August 2019:

33rd calendar week, 225th day of the year

Still 140 days to the end of the year

Astrological sign Leo

Nameday: Pontianus, Kassian, Hippolyt, Ludolf, Wigbert


2017 - Islamists rob a restaurant in Ougadougou (Burkina Faso) and shoot 17 people.

2014 - Eduardo Campos, candidate of the Socialist Party (PSB) in the Brazilian presidential campaign, dies in a plane crash.

2009 - The ladies' fashion company Escada, with around 2,300 employees worldwide, files for bankruptcy at the district court of Munich.

2004 - The authorities approve the construction of a new Berlin airport on the grounds of the former "GDR central airport" Schönefeld.

1999 - At a press conference in Heidelberg, Steffi Graf declares her immediate retirement from professional tennis.

1989 - The embassy of the Federal Republic in the Hungarian capital Budapest is closed, after the number of the GDR citizens willing to leave there exceeds 180.

1979 - The cargo ship Cap Anamur, a relief organization founded by Rupert Neudeck, reaches the South China Sea and begins rescuing Vietnamese refugees. By 1986, the crew of the ship saved more than 10,000 "boat people".

1964 - In the UK, the death penalty is executed for the last time. Two killers are being hanged in Manchester and Liverpool.

1961 - People's police and industrial combat groups of the GDR begin construction of the Berlin Wall.


1971 - Moritz Bleibtreu (48), German actor («Lola Runs»)

1971 - Heike Makatsch (48), German actress («Margarete Steiff»)

1939 - Erika Berger, German television presenter, ("A Chance for Love") and author, d. 2016

1939 - Alfred Mechtersheimer, German peace researcher and officer, founder of the research institute for peace policy in Starnberg 1982, died 2018

1899 - Alfred Hitchcock, British-American film director («The Birds», «Psycho»), d. 1980


1999 - Ignatz Bubis, German politician, association official and estate agent (FDP), President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany 1992-1999, born. 1927

1994 - Manfred Wörner, German politician (CDU), Federal Defense Minister 1982-1988, NATO Secretary General 1988-1994, b. 1934