On the eve of the tenth week of mass protests in Hong Kong, demonstrators and agents again encountered hard confrontations in the city. According to BBC News , protesters were chased by officers and shot at with bullets at close range.

At various places in the city the police were pelted with various projectiles, including bricks and Molotov cocktails. The riot police had to intervene several times to break up crowds.

According to BBC News , protesters began guerrilla-like protest on Sunday evening. In small groups, demonstrations were set up and people fled as the riot police approached.

In some cases, groups were chased. A correspondent from the British newspaper shared a video on Twitter in which a group of protesters were locked up at a subway station, after which officers opened fire with rubber bullets.

It is not clear how many people were injured. Images of bleeding people are circulating on social media. At least one agent with injuries would have been brought to the hospital on Sunday evening.

Shocking footage of #HongKong riot police charging into a subway station pursuing pro-democracy activists and firing into a themed point blank range. I've seen police being provoked here but I'm speechless. Carrie Lam says no police inquiry needed they're investigating themselves.

Avatar AuthorStephenMcDonellMoment of places15: 54 - 11 August 2019

Protesters demand that leader Carrie Lam leave

Since it has become known that Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam supports a controversial law for extradition to China, protesters demand her departure. For that reason, mass protests have been taking place in Hong Kong for months, bringing millions of people together.

In general, the protest marches are peaceful, but lately there has been a more grim atmosphere in the city.

Several times protesters started destroying buildings and cars, among other things. The parliament building was demolished from the inside on 1 July, after the building had been besieged for hours.


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