After heavy riots on the weekend, this woman demonstrates against the violence of the police.
Everything started in the early morning with a sit-down strike.
Equipped with a mask and a helmet, thousands of protesters are storming the international airport in Hong Kong.
On signs they denounce the police crackdown on their protests.
In the departure lounge, passengers must realize that all outbound flights have been canceled.
Most demonstrators are dressed in black.
A protester is in the departure hall. With the cross in her right eye she points to an incident on the weekend: A woman is said to have lost an eye through a police bullet.
Travelers have to leave the airport again.
The protests of the democracy movement started two months ago. Meanwhile, there are regular riots with the police. The protesters denounce this on their sign.
The security gates are closed.
The demonstrations that began on the streets of Hong Kong have become a broad movement.
The trigger for the demonstrations was a - now frozen on ice - bill for the delivery of alleged criminals to China.
In the midst of the demonstrators, passengers must exercise patience. At the weekend, the air traffic had not been affected.

Hong Kong Airport is considered an important hub in South Asia. Thousands protest against police brutality there after a woman has lost an eye through a police bullet at the weekend. The protest has consequences: On this Monday, all outgoing flights were canceled because the operation "seriously disturbed," as it was said. The demonstrations started two months ago on the streets of Hong Kong. They are against the government, there are always riots with the police, last hattte