Leading foreign politicians of the FDP and Greens accuse Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) of not being up to the task. Maas was "still looking for his role for this office," criticized him the green foreign policy official J├╝rgen Trittin in the mirror . "Under him, the foreign has become the Aussitzpolitik."

FDP parliamentary vice Alexander Graf Lambsdorff accuses Maas to hang on the ribbon of the SPD. To the mirror he said: "He is filled up with every movement space by a party that goes through a phase of self-discovery, copying the Left Party foreign policy." The foreign minister flees, according to Lambsdorff, in metaphors such as the rights of women worldwide. "This is not wrong, but I expect a Foreign Minister to try to de-escalate in international crises, but the SPD is making that impossible for him."

Martin Schulz demands "leading role"

The foreign policy spokesman of the Greens parliamentary group, Omid Nouripour, recalls that Maas' predecessor Frank-Walter Steinmeier initiated a reform process in the Foreign Office in order to make German foreign policy "faster, more decisive and more substantial". "Under Heiko Maas, she has become more lavierender, unclear and listless," criticized Nouripour also in the magazine.

Also the former SPD chairman Martin Schulz exercises in the mirror indirectly criticism at the foreign minister. "In a time of international tensions, the danger of a renewed arms spiral and especially in the light of Brexit and the attacks of the extreme right on Europe, the SPD must have a leading role in German foreign and European policy."