The summer weather makes way for a changeable period with a lot of wind, Weerplaza reports. The weather agency expects the temperatures to fall below 20 degrees after a turbulent weekend. "The summer is out of the country and autumn is knocking on the door."

The reversal is caused by a depression that travels across the Atlantic Ocean via the Azores to Ireland, while above Italy and Eastern Europe the air pressure is on the high side.

"While the weather in Northern Italy and the Alps is finally getting better as a result, the volatility is increasing and the wind is blowing strongly," Weerplaza meteorologist Michiel Severin explains.

Severin still expects temperatures of around 20 to 25 degrees this week. In Limburg, the Achterhoek and Twente things can get warmer on Friday. That day must also take into account thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind, especially on the coast.

Saturday especially a lot of wind in the Netherlands

On Saturday, the coastal provinces are mainly confronted with showers. The sun does shine regularly, according to Weerplaza. Severin reports that this day is characterized by the wind.

Deep inland, wind force 5 with gusts of up to 75 kilometers per hour is expected. "Right next to the sea, a stormy wind, wind force 8, blows for much of the day," said the meteorologist. "There the wind gusts can go up to 100 kilometers per hour." He reports that this amount of wind does not occur often in August.

Only the head of Noord-Holland and the Wadden Islands have to deal with the strong wind in the night from Saturday to Sunday. For the rest of the country, the wind decreases during the evening. Sunday will therefore be a lot quieter with probably a lot of sun.

From Monday the temperatures fall below 20 gades. It also rains regularly. Halfway next week, the wind may increase again. Whether the summer weather will return is now unknown.


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