Potsdam (dpa) - New excitement about election campaigning AfD: A poster of the party in Brandenburg with the likeness of former Social Democratic Chancellor Willy Brandt (1913-1992) causes outrage.

"The appeal to Willy Brandt is a gross abuse and simply obscene," said long-time Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse the "Tagesspiegel" (Thursday). According to this, before the state election on September 1, the party uses an election poster with a photo Brandts and his slogan «Dare more democracy». Brandt was from 1969 to 1974 head of government of a social-liberal coalition of the SPD and FDP. He was SPD party leader for more than twenty years.

Thierse also criticized again the appeal of the right-wing populist party to the GDR civil rights movement. "The equation of the Federal Republic of today with the GDR from that time is an incredible trivialization of the GDR."

With slogans such as "We are the people!" Or "Complete the turnaround", the AfD is running a campaign under the motto "Turn 2.0". Many hopes of the East Germans in the "first turn" would not have been fulfilled, it says from the party.

On Wednesday it was already hailing to criticism. The provisional SPD leader Manuela Schwesig, for example, said: "The mendacity of the AfD is hard to beat."

In addition to Brandenburg is also elected in Saxony on 1 September, in Thuringia on 27 October. The AfD state chairmen of Brandenburg and Thuringia, Andreas Kalbitz and Björn Höcke, are from West Germany and had nothing to do with the peaceful revolution.