Lübeck (dpa) - silver and gold coins and tickets for the price of 1.50 Deutsche Mark - this is the content of a for two decades unnoticed vault in Lübeck's city hall, the security experts have now opened with great media interest.

After only about 15 minutes, the smaller of two armored cabinets released its contents. A total of 30 silver Thomas Mann commemorative coins, a gold commemorative coin of the Lübeck Senate and a large roll of tickets for town hall tours were discovered at a price of 1.50 DM (0.77 Euro). Meanwhile, the tour costs a lot more with 4 euros.

The "tank crackers" then went to the larger vault this morning, which was considered harder to crack. He needed about eight hours for the last safe of this type, said safety engineer Sebastian Hahn.

The contents of the safes had been much speculated in advance. "A few gold bars that help us with the renovation of the budget, of course, would not be bad," joked Mayor Jan Lindenau (SPD).

Archive director Jan Lokers, on the other hand, hoped for the missing pages from the Golden Book of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck from the years 1933 to 1945. "They were neatly cut out after 1945, since then they have disappeared."

Out of pure curiosity and due to an upcoming renovation, he decided on the spectacular action, Lindenau said. "There are two more unopened safes in the town hall, which we want to open."