Munich (dpa) - After visiting a synagogue in Munich, a rabbi and his two sons have become victims of an anti-Semitic assault.

The three men, a 53-year-old and two 19-year-old, were insulted and spit on one of them, the police said on Tuesday. The trio had come out of the synagogue on Saturday afternoon when it was first insulted by a hitherto unknown man across the street as "shit Jews." By wearing the kippa, the traditional Jewish headgear, the three men were identified by the perpetrator as Jews, the police said on demand.

A previously unknown woman watched the incident from her car and then insulted one of the two 19-year-olds as a "shitty Jew". As the young man approached the passenger side to address the woman, she repeated her insult and spat through his open car window. Then she drove off. The Criminal Investigation now investigates the two suspects for incitement and insult.

Bavaria's anti-Semitism commissioner Ludwig Spaenle (CSU) was horrified by the incident and described it as an "attack on the entire city of Munich". He urged the citizens to look closely at Jews and to act conspicuously when they acted conspicuously: "We must make it clear that we do not tolerate the approach of Jews to us." If necessary, the police and the security authorities would be at once communicate. Bavaria would not tolerate attacks on people of Jewish faith. Only at the end of July was a rabbi in Berlin accompanied by one of his children insulted and spat on by two men in Arabic.