Cottbus (AP) - Thuringia AfD leader Björn Höcke has demanded a sharper deportation policy in view of the deadly attack at Frankfurt Central Station.

"The murder in Frankfurt was not an isolated incident, this is the result of one - and this may sound a bit cynical - man-made climate change," said Höcke at the election campaign start of the AfD Youth Young Alternative (JA) in Cottbus. "I'm talking about the social climate change in this country, which is in front of everyone our eyes since 4 September 2015." He referred to the day when Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) made the decision, for several thousand refugees to the borders To open Germany.

Last Monday, a 40-year-old man had pushed a mother and eight-year-old son into an arriving train. The boy was overrun by the train, the mother could save himself. An Eritrean resident of Switzerland was arrested as a suspected perpetrator.

On 1 September a new state parliament is elected in Brandenburg and Saxony, Thuringia is on 27 October turn off. In Saxony, the AfD was last in polls with the CDU, in Brandenburg she was on par with the SPD or even before it in the first place.

According to Höcke, foreigners in Germany commit offenses more often than average. Physical injuries, sexual assaults, murder and manslaughter by immigrants had increased significantly between 2014 and 2018 - referring to data from the Federal Criminal Police Office. He demanded consequences and said with regard to the elections: "We want a farewell culture in Brandenburg, Thuringia and Saxony for illegal immigrants." One must also think about "border protection at the state borders." When he shouted, "We want our black-red-gold country back," there was applause.

According to a study by the media scientists Thomas Hestermann (Hamburg) and Elisa Hoven (Leipzig), the AfD systematically stirs up fear of immigrants in press releases on crime. The scientists had all 242 press releases of the AfD on crime in Germany from last year analyzed and compared with the crime statistics: "As far as the AfD in suspects called the nationality, 95 percent are foreigners, only 5 percent German," said Hestermann on demand. Party leader Jorg Meuthen said in the ZDF summer interview, his party pointed to a "special problem situation" out.

The Brandenburger AFD country chief and top candidate Andreas Kalbitz attacked in Cottbus the climate protection requirements of the Greens and the 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. "If we do everything that Greta and the Greens say, we will stop flying, eat no more meat, best of all, not have any more children," said Kalbitz. Meanwhile, everyone who makes a campfire in the garden, a "climate Nazi".

Not far from the venue for the Young Alternatives in Cottbus, a broad "Cappus Appeal Alliance" protested under the motto "Spacing: Höcke". Brandenburg's Minister of Culture Martina Münch (SPD), who participated, said: "We want to show that we are a majority."

Höcke is the founder of the right-wing national wing in the AFD, which, like the JA, is classified by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a "suspected case" in the area of ​​right-wing extremism. Kalbitz is also counted.

Party leader Meuthen criticized an event of the "wing" in early May in Bavaria, in which all three stanzas of the German song were sung and stood by the Höcke smiling. "These are things that we should not have, and we do not have them in the AfD, that was a" wing "event, and the" wing "is not part of the AfD," Meuthen said in the ZDF summer interview. "The members who are within our program and at the same time belong to the" wing "belong without any ifs and buts to our party, those who represent extremist positions, that is a small minority against which I resolutely turn."

Meuthen conceded a "direction debate", but showed self-confidently: "I'm very, very sure, so I see that more relaxed than some, that the majorities are there, wherever I am, so bourgeois, conservative, liberal . "