Berlin (AP) - The trumps of the German Athletics Association should sting only at the World Cup in less than two months in Doha / Qatar. At the German Championships in Berlin but already trumped some top athletes on big.

First and foremost «century talents» Konstanze Klosterhalfen, which shone with the record over 5000 meters. The longest jump of her career made the world number one Malaika Mihambo on Sunday with 7.16 meters. Javelin thrower Andreas Hofmann also contributed to the strong final with a 87.07 meter victory.

"We are very satisfied. Of course, the German record was the highlight, "said Chief Coach Alexander Stolpe. "We managed quite well to bring the mood of the European Championship back here in Berlin last year." On two days, a total of 60,550 spectators came to the Olympic Stadium.

One year after the celebrated home European Championships in Berlin with 19 medals, six of which were gold, the hot desert state of Qatar is looking for a position for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. At the 2017 World Cup in London, the DLV Aces took five precious badges. The only title could win javelin thrower Johannes Vetter.

A big trump card in the World Cup medal fight could be run-hope Klosterhalfen, which cracked the 20-year-old German record over 5000 meters and improved by 15 seconds to 14: 26.76 minutes. "I knew roughly where the record lay," coquetted the 22-year-old Leverkusen. But the questions about the training in the controversial Nike project in the US, the monastery Halfen a "bit sour and sad" made, she does not escape. On the other hand, she could even run away from the Africans at the World Cup. With her record time, she would have become world champion in 2017 in London.

Malaika Mihambo can also dream of World Cup gold after the seven-meter set. "I took the chance at the last jump," said the European champion. "This is a good prerequisite for the World Cup." The javelin department could not come up with super-throws, but with a successful title-holder Hofmann, who made a strong 87.07 meters.

However, the title bouts also revealed that once reliable forces and medal suppliers have (still) problems. Ex-World Champion David Storl, who only just finished third in the shot put after only 19,77 meters after a back injury, is considering a start waiver at the World Championships. "With a crash of 20.70, you do not need to go to the World Cup," said the 29-year-old from Leipzig. He also lacks 93 centimeters to the World Cup standard. Moreover, javelin world champion Johannes Vetter, who had only recovered from a blush and then injured himself while warming his calf, is worried. After all, he has a World Cup wildcard.

Former shot-thrilling world champion Christina Schwanitz also remained below her abilities at 18.84 meters in the seventh title trick, but was optimistic: "We're still practicing, the World Cup is only eight weeks away." Vice-European champion Gina Lückenkemper still has to work on the acceleration , In just 11.20 seconds, she came second only to Tatjana Pinto (11.09) over 100 meters. "I still have time until I have to deliver," said the 22-year-old sprinter calmly.

The European champions Mateusz Przybylko and Gesa Krause also have to improve. The obstacle runner took the fifth league title in 9: 28.45 minutes, but was "not satisfied with the times". The 27-year-old high jumper came as the winner only over 2.22 meters and quarreled: «I have heights beyond 2.30 meters in there, but they do not bring.»

In addition to his quick break in qualifying with three invalid throws discus Olympic champion Christoph Harting proved as "Black Peter", which caused disrespectful statements about association and rivals and big spells for annoyance. After he described the compulsory participation in the German championships as "the last extortion option of German athletics" and winning the championship title as "little less important", he dismissed his Ko in Berlin with the words: "I could not be more egal."

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