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Crowds in cities on the move: Disability Association calls driving school for electric scooters


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Berlin (dpa) - You drive on sidewalks, always drunk, and leave their companions in the middle of sidewalks or lie: Some drivers of electric scooters endanger not only themselves, but also others.

This is a problem especially for the disabled. «We are strictly against electric scooters. The approval came quickly and too fast, "says the chairman of the Berlin Disabled Association, Dominik Peter. He demands compulsory courses for all e-scooter drivers. "The e-scooters can be a real stumbling block," adds Stephan Heinke, head of the Joint Expert Committee on Environment and Transport at the German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

"You can really do a lot with the scooters. I do not understand why people do not say: Before you can use it, you have to complete four practical hours pointing out the dangers, "says Peter. "In principle, the public space must be completely re-classified. We now have a new group of people traveling in traffic, "he adds. Since you have to clarify how to integrate this group. In his view, the age limit is too low. It is for e-scooters - also called e-scooter - at 14 years.

"The bureaucracy and the police must be more consistent in the use and control," demands Heinke. The penalty for disregard of the regulations must be significantly higher. "The current fines are not real penalties," says Heinke. For violations, different fines are due. According to ADAC information about driving with an e-scooter on the sidewalk costs up to 30 euros. Driving without a license costs 70 euros.

A big problem for the blind is also that they do not see approaching e-scooters and therefore could not go aside. "A young girl from our association has already been jostled by a scooter driver in Berlin and also insulted, because it has not avoided," says Heinke. "Even wheelchair users can not dodge so quickly," adds Dominik Peter. "Our members now feel very insecure in the city because the e-scooters are very fast on the sidewalks," he says.

The social association VdK also criticizes. «For young children, for the elderly and for people with disabilities, the risk is highest. Often they can not respond as quickly and jump aside as they need to, "said VdK President Verena Bentele to the editorial network Germany. Introduce e-scooters on this large scale was thoughtless. It should be better controlled, who drives where with the scooters. And: "We also demand a 0.0 per thousand limit for anyone driving e-scooters. Some are drunk on the way, which makes things even more dangerous. »

Angelina Herwig from the Board of the Federal Association parents of blind and visually impaired children says she is not against electric scooters. "In my opinion, they are no more dangerous than bicycles," says the mother of a blind son from Kassel. "Above all, it's a matter of mutual consideration," she stresses. "Blind people simply depend on others for consideration." E-scooter riders need to be made aware of this, she says.

More and more e-scooters are in the cities - and the problems are increasing. Reports of accidents are piling up. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has called on the municipalities to a tougher crackdown. "In order to ensure the protection of weaker road users at all times, we are dependent on the participation of cities and local authorities," says a letter from the CSU politician to the President of the German Association of Cities, the Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung (SPD).

The association points out that the police are responsible for the control of the traffic flow and thus for the punishment of violations of the small electric vehicles regulation. Electric scooters have been registered in Germany since June. Since then, several providers have been making the small vehicles available for rental in several cities. The scooters are allowed to run fast between 6 and 20 kilometers per hour and must have a steering or handrail. Driving e-scooters on bike paths. If there is no, they have to get on the road.

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