Seoul / Pyongyang (DP) - North Korea fired two short-range missiles from its east coast on Friday morning (local time) according to South Korean data.

This was already the third missile test within a few days, according to the South Korean General Staff in Seoul, the agency Yonhap reported. "We are monitoring the situation, should there be more kills, and remain on standby," it said.

Last week, North Korea fired missiles in response to South Korean military exercises. Two more rockets on Wednesday were presented by Pyongyang as a test of a new rocket launcher system, which is to take a key role in military ground operations, according to the State Agency KCNA.

US President Donald Trump downplayed the tests again on Thursday. There has never been an agreement on short-range missiles, he told journalists. He has no problem with that.

North Korean experts are of the opinion that the missile tests above all send a message to the USA. "The provocations are carefully calibrated. North Korea will continue to escalate unless the US changes its position in the denuclearization talks, "said Go Myong-hyun of Seoul's Asan Institute.

UN resolutions prohibit North Korea - which has tested nuclear weapons several times - from launching ballistic missiles of short, medium and long range. Such rockets are usually ground-to-surface missiles that can carry a conventional, chemical, biological or nuclear warhead.

Yonhap (English)