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Klaas Heufer circulation: "With money you get everything broken"


Klaas Heufer circulation advertises Porsche, but only ironically. Two editors discuss the spot in the office chat (so half-ironical).

Ijoma Mangold: Lars, you are so the edgy contemporary observer, because I would be interested in your opinion on the spot. He really got me. Of course we have been in an ironic loop for advertising for twenty years, but this is being pushed to extremes once again. Did you already see him?

Lars Weisbrod: I thought so, irony is over. But maybe you can quickly tell the reader what happens in the spot at all.

Mangold: You can see the television comedian Klaas Heufer-Umlauf in front of a currywurst-stall with a paper plate full of fries. Style: gray hoody, casual, totally relaxed, just up to date. He speaks into the camera that the company Porsche wanted to win him for a commercial, but he refused that: "Sorry, that's not me." But then they would have said that he would get a Porsche for it. And then Klaas makes such a grimace as one draws when weighing the arguments in a difficult moral conflict, and says in a tone of heavy thoughtfulness: "And that was the moment when I said: Oh, and on At the end, we agreed that I, um, have the car easy, and that could be synonymous with a very authentic filming. " At the end the Porsche logo. No more, the car is not shown.

Weisbrod: The video is indeed very well done, for example, when the straps of Klaas' hooded swaddle loosely, almost into the curry sauce.

Mangold: I think the video is brilliant because irony and authenticity are indeed identical. The last sentence of Klaas is: "In principle, I have the car, and that's it." In terms of form this is the super-ironic gesture with which one makes fun of the mechanisms of advertising and of oneself, but in truth it is not ironic at all, because he really gets the Porsche. It's all exactly as the ad says: The Porsche is not shown, but Klaas gets it. This payment act between Porsche and Klaas is the absolutely authentic gesture.

Weisbrod: Ijoma, I would like to classify the spot first cultural-historical. In fact, such a game with the irony levels, the layers, would not have worked five years ago, that just was not "learned". For this, the German viewer had to first familiarize himself with an Anglo-Saxon genre of comedy: series in which comedians play themselves - as somehow authentic, but completely cynical and corrupt versions of themselves. In Germany, among others, Christian Ulmen has become popular with his series Jerks made. You can see him filming a movie that is totally stupid and he does not feel like it at all, but he's too cowardly and too greedy to play the part. In Jerks also Klaas plays itself, that sounds exactly like in this Porsche spot. Ulmen was the first to advertise. Deutsche Telekom has made jerk- style commercials with him, small scenes in which he babbles as a selfish idiot.

Mangold: I discover something on the net and think: Wow, that's the cutting-edge, and then you come around the corner and say: This is the fifth infusion! You can not escape historicism. I've quickly looked at one of these telecom spots with elms. Sure, that's where it comes from - but it's actually quite conventional and does not come out of the dilemma that the self-parody as amiable Dussel with a penchant for double standards is actually the ultimate self-celebration. You have to be a star to afford self-irony. Or to profitably manage your own self-irony. I also have double standards - but unfortunately I do not know how I can make money.

Weisbrod: The problem is that you can kill any nice trend with money. I love jerks, but if now agency dudes with colorful Airmax shoes turn that concept into every German Dax corporation, where you also want to do something daring in marketing, then the number is soon dead.

Source: zeit

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