Berlin (AP) - Sea watch captain Carola Rackete has called on Europe to host migrants in Libya who are in the hands of smugglers or refugee camps.

"Those who are in Libya have to get out of there immediately to a safe country," said Rackete of the "Bild" newspaper. "We hear about half a million people in the hands of smugglers or in Libyan refugee camps we have to get out of." They must be helped immediately on a safe passage to Europe.

Rackete has been in the headlines for weeks because at the end of June she had illegally driven the rescue vessel of the German aid organization Sea-Watch with migrants aboard to Italy. Against the 31-year-old from Lower Saxony is being investigated in Italy, among other things, for aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

In Libya, migrants are sent to incarcerated internment camps with no valid documents. There is a lack of toilets, showers, food, drink and people are reportedly partially abused according to UN reports and relief organizations.

Rackete said that Germany and other European states have "a historical responsibility to Africa for the colonial era". "Today's power relations have been determined by Europe." Therefore, there is a historical responsibility to accept refugees, "because of the balance of power or even the climate situation can no longer live in their countries."