Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt in runoff to May succession

British ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and current Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt are in the run-off election for the Tory presidency, succeeding Prime Minister Theresa May. Johnson scored 160 votes, Hunt 77, on the fifth and final ballots. Environment Minister Michael Gove retired at 75 Votes out.

Who is the new party leader and thus Prime Minister, should now decide the 160,000 Tory party members by the end of July by primary vote. Boris Johnson is also popular at the grassroots level according to polls. The former foreign minister is credited with recapturing Brexit voters who have turned away from the conservatives.

Theresa May resigned as Tory Chairman at the beginning of June. It had failed to organize a majority in Britain's parliament for its EU-negotiated Brexit agreement. The EU's exit from the United Kingdom will take place on 31 October.