The international police service Interpol has rescued fifty children from child abusers. The international operation lasted two years and led to the arrest of nine people in Thailand, Australia, and the United States.

The age and nationality of the children is unknown. According to the police, in addition to the fifty rescued victims, another hundred children have been abused, for which the police are looking.

The investigation into the perpetrators was called 'Blackwrist', named after a worn bracelet by one of the offenders.

This operation was started in 2017, after the discovery of child pornography on a darkweb site with nearly 63,000 members.

For years the site posted new photos every week. The children were often masked.

The main administrator of the website was a Thai man named Montri Salangam. He has abused eleven boys, including his own cousin.

In June 2018, he was sentenced by Thai courts to 146 years in prison on charges of rape of children, human trafficking and possession and distribution of child pornography.