Berlin (dpa) - The nationwide movement for more women's rights in the Catholic Church meets in the estimation of the initiators of great response.

"Our campaign" Maria 2.0 "has become an absolute self-fulfiller," said co-initiator Lisa Kötter on Saturday in Münster. How many people participate in the weeklong church strike is difficult to assess. However, hundreds of groups, some of them entire parishes, including those from Berlin, Hamburg and Freiburg, had solidarized themselves with the movement, Kötter said.

The believers involved in the strike, according to Kötter women and men, want to protest in the coming days against power structures in the church and the cover-up of sexual abuse by public officials. In an online petition to Pope Francis, they demand access to all ministries of the church and the lifting of the celibacy requirement for Catholic priests.

On Saturday night, the initiative started in its founding city of Münster, where dozens of women gathered there for an open-air service. Nationwide, actions are planned until 18 May. Supporters of "Maria 2.0" do not want to enter any churches during this time, let their voluntary offices rest, and consciously celebrate services in the open air without priests.

Initiative on the Internet

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