The police arrested six climate activists in Maastricht on Friday afternoon because they blocked the busy traffic circle Tongerseplein and subsequently could not or would not identify themselves.

The arrested were part of the Extionction Rebellion action group. The group had announced on Facebook to hold a so-called "swarm action" on the streets of Maastricht on Friday.

According to the police, about twenty to thirty activists were on the move. They broke off their action after the police had made the arrests.

Traffic did not suffer from the promotion for long. "It didn't really mean much," a police spokesperson told

Action group also took to the streets in Amsterdam

Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion also campaigned in the center of Amsterdam on Friday morning. They stopped traffic for seven minutes at various places in the city.

The action group plans to stand on Saturday in Amersfoort during King's Day along the route that King Willem-Alexander and his family will follow. The action group does not intend to disturb the party.

Extinction Rebellion is a group that originally came from England, but has also been active in the Netherlands for some time.

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