Julen rescue: chronology of a hell in the well

Julen Roselló fell 12 days ago in a well of Totalán. Since then, the eyes of all Spain are centered in a small town of Malaga, in the previously unknown Cer


Agents of the Civil Guard in the rescue of Julen, the boy from the well of Totalán, Málaga. JON NAZCAREUTERS

The rescue of Julen, at critical moments after the third microvoladura

Live: the operation in the well in Totalán, step by step

A mining brigade in danger of extinction to remove Julen from the well

The mountain that swallowed Julen and does not let go: Cerro de la Corona

Julen Roselló fell 12 days ago in a well of Totalán . Since then, the eyes of all Spain are centered in a small town of Malaga , in the previously unknown Cerro de la Corona, where machines and personnel follow one another with only one goal: the rescue of Julen. The conditions of the terrain and the characteristics of the narrow hole have made the rescue operation difficult. This is how this search is against the clock.

Saturday, January 26 Location of the body

The body without life of Julen Roselló is located without life at 01.25 hours.

Friday, January 25 It moves towards Julen.

The excavation of the horizontal gallery to reach the place where Julen is believed to have progressed to 3.15 meters. About thirty people clothe and support Julen's parents inside the house that a neighbor of the municipality gave them to stay until the rescue occurs. José Roselló, father of Julen is treated for an anxiety crisis.

Thursday 24: the miners start the operation

The "countdown" has begun, according to sources of the rescue team, which in "very short time" will enter to get Julen out. The works of conditioning the platform to access the vertical well have been completed. The rescue device begins, which is made up of 8 members of the Mining Rescue Brigade, 10 civil guards and 8 firefighters of the Provincial Consortium.

Wednesday 23: slow wait

The work to get to Julen was moving forward. The Mining Rescue Brigade and the Firemen Consortium indicated, with some caution, that this Thursday the excavation of the horizontal tunnel could begin. In the early afternoon, there was still about 20 meters of the tube to be jacketed by the specialists.

Tuesday 22: repeat drilling

The day started with problems. The tube that had to cover the walls of the vertical tunnel, parallel to the well in which Julen fell, did not fit. The hardness of the terrain caused some deviations in its trajectory, which prevented the pipe fit that will serve as a kind of rail for the capsule in which the eight forces of the Mining Rescue Brigade must descend to start digging by hand the four meters of horizontal gallery that will separate them from the point where the child could be.

Monday 21: the elite miners prepare

A few meters from reaching the total depth of the vertical tunnel, the mining rescue brigade arriving from Asturias was preparing to intervene. The operation was faced with new difficulties that made the forecast to reach the gap in which Julen could be delayed.

Once reached the 60 meters of depth in parallel to the well in which Julen fell, the next step will be the manual excavation , peak and shovel, of a horizontal gallery that will communicate them with the place where Julen could be.

Sunday 20: halfway

The operative continued working during the night. In the morning they managed to excavate 33 of the 60 meters of planned tunnel. Once finished, the technicians will introduce a metallic capsule of two meters of height with which a horizontal gallery will be constructed that will allow to arrive at Julen.

Experts in explosives of the Civil Guard moved to the area to help with the excavation of the gallery.

Saturday 19th: drilling begins

At noon, the machines were ready for drilling. The operation was going to last at least 35 hours. The representative in Malaga of the College of Civil Engineers, Ángel García Vidal, claimed to be "hopeful".

The drilling started around 2:00 pm and by 8:00 pm it was just over 25 meters long. A new block of slate made the task difficult.

Friday 18: rain forecast

They continued adding means to the tasks of rescue, although the conditions of the land prevented a fluid work. A rock mass delayed the deadlines. "Thousands of cubic meters" of land were removed from the mountain and two tunnel boring machines prepared to drill the two vertical tunnels provided, but the machines came across a rocky mass that made the work more difficult.

The forecast of light rains was not going to affect the execution of the vertical well, although it would affect the movement of heavy machinery abroad. Agustín Pierén, professor of soundings of the Faculty of Geology of the Complutense University of Madrid, explained to EFE that the land "is composed of phyllites, a type of slate that is altered a lot in surface and, together with rain, can cause landslides and landslides. "

Thursday 17: it is still unknown how Julen is

After over 100 hours of search, the rescue teams were still unable to determine the state in which Julen was.

Together with the forces of 112 and the Central Hungarian Mine Rescue Brigade, members of the Provincial Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, the Rescue and Mountain Intervention Team (EREIM) of Alora and Granada worked in the rescue tasks. Special Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard, firefighters of Málaga capital and several private companies.

It was opted for the excavation of two vertical tunnels in which then small horizontal galleries would be made.

Wednesday 16: Julen hair in a well without permits

The first sand extractions allowed to recover biological remains. After the DNA tests, it was confirmed that the hair found was from Julen.

"My son is here, no one doubts it," José Roselló told Diario Sur, referring to other versions that emerged about the accident.

The Civil Guard made a statement to the family of the little one and to the pocero who dug the hole, Antonio Sánchez, who claimed to have all the permits and to have sealed the hole. There were doubts about the legality of the well, which would not have the necessary permits.

Tuesday 15: two more tunnels

The Ministry of Defense mobilized the Salvation Brigade of the Hunosa public company, specialized in mines, to work on the rescue of Julen.

Among the companies that joined the rescue efforts was also the Swedish company SPT (Stockholm Precision Tools), specializing in the design and manufacture of downhole prospecting tools and materials. SPT was the one who managed to locate the exact spot where the 33 miners were trapped underground in Chile in 2010.

Monday 14: hopeful knickknacks

The rescue work continued throughout the morning. The excavation tasks were "very delicate" so as not to cause an internal collapse . Outside, a backhoe was used to allow the passage of heavy trucks.

A local company provided a camera robot that allowed knowing the environment and the evolution of the work. The Civil Guard was studying the possibility of carrying out a parallel excavation to access the well from the side.

But a plug hindered access. The orographic conditions made salvage a civil engineering mission against the clock. Three work options were proposed: the opening to the open sky, the excavation of a parallel tunnel and another lateral tunnel.

At about 78 meters deep appeared a bag of trinkets that the little boy was carrying. Julen's father criticized in Ana Rosa's Program the lack of resources in the search for her son.

Sunday, January 13: operative in progress

On a farm in Totalán, a village in the region of La Axarquía in Malaga, a two-year-old boy who spent the day in the countryside moved away from his family and fell into a hole. Around 2:00 p.m., the boy's family called 112 and the rescue operation started.

From the beginning the "technical complexity" stood out to get Julen out of a prospecting hole to look for water that "apparently had no protection around." The well, in the Dolmen area of ​​Cerro de la Corona, has a depth of 110 meters and an entrance of 25 centimeters in diameter.

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