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Arrests made in Sri Lanka after major attacks


During attacks in Sri Lanka at least 207 people died on Sunday and 450 people were injured by explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. In this live blog we will keep you informed of the events.

During attacks in Sri Lanka at least 207 people died on Sunday and 450 people were injured by explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. In this live blog we will keep you informed of the events.

Good afternoon, my name is Joost Nederpelt and in this live blog I will keep you informed of the events in Sri Lanka, where there have been several attacks on Sunday morning.

  • At least 205 dead, including 9 foreigners
  • 405 injured reported
  • Certainly one Dutch dead confirmed
  • Three Roman Catholic churches and three five-star hotels hit
  • Attempts not yet claimed
  • Authorities say they have perpetrators in the picture

The authorities have reported eight explosions. These are three churches in Kochchikade, Negombo and Batticalo, the three hotels Shangri-La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury in Colombo and a hotel in Dehiwala, on the south side of Colombo. An eighth explosion occurred at a block of flats in Dematagoda, a suburb of Colombo.

5 minutes ago

Pope expresses condolences to the victims of Sri Lanka

5 minutes ago

The Chinese state media report that there were also two Chinese casualties in Sri Lanka.

#UPDATE Two Chinese citizens confirmed dead in Sri Lanka blasts, Chinese embassy checking victims' identities

Avatar AuthorCGTNMoment of places14: 22 - 21 April 2019

15 minutes ago

The tweet from Foreign Minister Stef Blok.

Speak horror at the attacks in Sri Lanka on this Easter Sunday. In one word, terrible. At the moment we can confirm that unfortunately 1 Dutchman died. We are in contact with the victim's family. Continue to follow developments closely.

Avatar AuthorStef BlokMoment vanplaatsen14: 06 - 21 April 2019

19 minutes ago


21 minutes ago

According to the authorities, three officers were killed in a police action at a house in Colombo.

22 minutes ago

A body is taken away from a hospital in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

26 minutes ago

DODENTAL RISES TO 207, 450 WOUNDED. (Source: spokesperson authorities)

31 minutes ago

Five foreign victims have been identified, reports Sri Lankan channel Newsfirst under the authority of the foreign minister in the country. 22 other victims are also suspected to be foreign based on their skin color.

It is not yet known whether the victims of the eight explosions are Dutch.

42 minutes ago

Seven people were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the attacks on Sri Lanka on Sunday. The BBC reports that. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the terrorist acts. It is not yet clear who the arrested suspects are.

an hour ago

The Sri Lankan government is making every effort to prevent the attacks from exacerbating ethnic and religious tensions in the country.

As we reported earlier, social media and messaging apps such as WhatsApp have been taken out of the air for the time being and internet speeds have been reduced. a national restraining order applies between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. local time (it is now 5.09 p.m. in Colombo)

The government also makes an explicit appeal to the media to report "in a responsible manner" about the attacks.

an hour ago

Defense Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that seven people were arrested in connection with the attacks.

Wickremesinghe also confirms the 160 death toll, but says there are about 30 foreigners among the fatalities.

an hour ago

The officially confirmed death toll has risen to 160, the office of the Sri Lankan prime minister has just announced. Among the victims are at least nine foreigners.

an hour ago

Read our main message here: At least 138 dead and 400 injured by explosions in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka

an hour ago

US President Trump, who accidentally wrote that his participation on Twitter accidentally wrote that at least 138 million people were killed, has now removed his tweet.

an hour ago

It is not yet known whether there are Dutch among the victims. is in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be notified as soon as there is clarity.

an hour ago

Sri Lankan Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera says at a press conference that the attacks are "a diabolical attempt to re-create ethnic and religious tensions in this country, dragging the country back to the past, while we as a nation are recovering from the lingering war that destroyed our national unity for almost thirty years ".

an hour ago

Employees of Sri Lankan security and emergency services are walking through the rubble in the church of Saint Sebastian in Negombo.

an hour ago

French President Emmanuel Macron: "Deep sadness after the terrorist attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. We strongly condemn these nauseating acts. All our solidarity lies with the people of Sri Lanka and our thoughts are on this Easter day with all the relatives of the victims. "

US President Donald Trump: "Sincere participation of the people of the United States in the Sri Lankan people for the terrible terrorist attacks on churches and hotels that killed at least 138 million people and seriously injured 600 others. We are ready to help!"

Heartfelt condolences from the people of the United States to the people of Sri Lanka on the horrible terrorist attacks on churches and hotels that have killed at least 138 million people and badly injured 600 more. We are ready to help!

Avatar Author Donald J. Trump Moment of Places 12: 48 - April 21, 2019

2 hours ago

Airline company Sri Lankan Airlines lets travelers know that despite the restraining order, they may come to Bandaranaike International Airport. The security services will let them pass after showing their airline tickets and passports.

SriLankan Airlines' notice to passengers traveling during curfew!

Avatar Author SriLankan AirlinesMoment of places12: 41 - April 21, 2019

2 hours ago

An officer of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka, the country's main government hospital, tells The New York Times that the number of confirmed deaths is 189. She states that eleven of those victims were foreigners.

2 hours ago

A majority of Sri Lankans are Buddhist (70 percent). This is followed by Hindus (12.5 percent), Muslims (just under 10 percent) and Christians (7.5 percent).

In the past there were tensions between Buddhism and Islam. Radical Buddhist groups, such as Body Bala Sena (BBS), accuse Muslims of undermining the national identity of Sri Lanka. BBS is widely supported in Sri Lankan politics.

In March 2018, Buddhist crowds attacked Muslim homes and houses and a mosque in the centrally located city of Kandy. An Islamic man was said to have died. The Sri Lankan government then declared a state of emergency.

2 hours ago

The Sri Lankan government is also assuming a jihadist group, Defense State Secretary Wijewardene just said at a press conference.

The Sri Lankan police would have warned ten days ago of possible attacks on churches. The organization that is supposed to be behind the threat is the National Thowheeth Jama'ath (NTJ). That group first came to prominence last year, when members were associated with the destruction of Buddha statues.

2 hours ago

Experts from India tell The New York Times that the attacks were probably carried out by radical Islamist groups from Sri Lanka itself or elsewhere from South Asia. Jihadist groups have recently extended their influence in relative silence in Sri Lanka, the nearby Indian state of Tamil Nadu and in the Maldives.

"It looks like it is one of the local Islamic groups that have ties with the Islamic State," said Sameer Patil, a security expert from the Gateway House think tank in Mumbai. According to Patel, IS more often carries out attacks on Christian holidays, and especially around Easter and Christmas.

A number of radical Sri Lankans have traveled to Syria and Iraq in recent years to join IS. With the loss of the last IS territory at the beginning of this year, Sri Lankan Syrians may have returned to their homeland.

2 hours ago

The Sri Lankan police say that the eighth explosion today was caused by a suicide attack. In addition to the perpetrator, three policemen were killed.

2 hours ago

The Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith:

"This is a very sad day for all of us. I therefore want to express my grief and compassion to all those innocent families who have lost someone and to those who have been injured or will end up in poverty."

"I condemn, down to my fiber, the deeds that have caused so much suffering to the people."

Ranjith calls on the Sri Lankan government to carefully investigate the attacks and severely punish the perpetrators. "Only animals can behave like this."

2 hours ago

The response from Donald Tusk, President of the European Council: "A tragic Easter in Sri Lanka. My thoughts are with the families of the deadly victims of the attacks on churches and hotels, and with those who are still fighting for their lives."

A tragic Easter in Sri Lanka. My thoughts are with the families or those killed in the attacks on churches and hotels; and those still fighting for their lives.

Avatar Author Donald Tusk Moment of Places 11: 35 - April 21, 2019

2 hours ago

Pope Francis is currently leading the Easter mass on St Peter's Square, which is traditionally followed by the Urbi et Orbi ("for the city and for the world").

At the end of his Easter speech, Francis responded to the attacks in Sri Lanka. He condemned it as "such cruel violence" and compared their effects with the "mourning and pain" that Christians feel around Easter. The pope offered the victims and their relatives were prayed for.

2 hours ago

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission: "I have learned with horror and sadness about the explosions in Sri Lanka that have killed so many people. We are ready to help."

EU President Donald Tusk: "A tragic Easter in Sri Lanka. My thoughts are with the families of those killed in the attacks on churches and hotels, and with those who are still fighting for their lives."

2 hours ago

Sri Lankan authorities think of terrorism by radical Muslim groups

The Sri Lankan authorities have an idea of ​​who is responsible for the Sunday attacks. The Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene said that during a press conference. He spoke of an act of terrorism for which "extremist groups" would be responsible.

The police allegedly warned nationwide ten days ago of attacks on important churches. The National Thowheeth Jama'ath (NTJ) is said to have planned the attacks. NTJ is a group of radical Muslims who were held responsible for the destruction of Buddhist images last year.

3 hours ago

The authorities have indicated that there were certainly two more explosions after the first six earlier in the Sunday. According to the police, in a number of cases it is about suicide attacks.

3 hours ago

The damage to the Shangri La hotel in Colombo.

3 hours ago

An injured tourist talks to police officers in the capital, Colombo.

3 hours ago

Guy Hendricks, 33, from Utrecht has been in a hospital in Colombo for a few days with food poisoning. There is hardly any more care staff in his nursing department; according to him, everyone has been called to first aid departments.

Hendricks is on the tenth floor and overlooks Colombo. Helicopters fly over and the streets are almost empty, he says. Hendricks was on vacation in Sri Lanka and would stay until April 29. "But there is too much going on here now. I asked if I could be released from the hospital and now I am waiting for a taxi. That will be the last bump to come to the airport."

3 hours ago

In addition to travel agency Thomas Cook, TUI also reports that no Dutch nationals who have booked through them are involved in the attacks on Sri Lanka. The spokespersons said so.

Also the tourists who are traveling around Sri Lanka with Kras, part of TUI, are not involved.

3 hours ago

2 dead in an explosion took place inside a small hotel in Dehiwela

Avatar AuthorAzzam AmeenMoment of places10: 56 - April 21, 2019

3 hours ago

An explosion in the Sri Lankan town of Dematagoda was the eighth in a series of attacks on Sunday, reports the Newsfirst channel on the authority of the police.

3 hours ago

The authorities have also closed all access to social media and messaging services, reports Reuters .

3 hours ago

The government in Sri Lanka has set a curfew. Everyone must stay inside at 6 pm and may not leave again until 6 am.

3 hours ago

"Our Sinhalese friends were just in the Shangri-La hotel in Colombo at the Easter breakfast when there was an explosion. We heard they were all dead. It was disastrous what happened. The people here were in after the end of the civil war Just as hopeful and focused on the future in 2009. "says David Bijker from Bijker Film & TV who is in Sri Lanka for filming from Bentota, just south of the capital Colombo.

His wife Louisa and three children are staying in a different place in Sri Lanka. They had just checked into a hotel in the city of Negombo when there was an attack on a church. "She is no longer allowed to leave the hotel," says Bijker, who has had telephone contact with her.

There is police at the door and nobody can enter it. "She was very shocked. She heard that some of her acquaintances have died. It is a great pity that we as a family cannot be together now," says Bijker. has been coming to Sri Lanka for twenty years and is closely involved in a children's home near the town of Kandy that was established in 2001 for war children.

3 hours ago

The reaction of the Dutch Royal House:

Reaction of King Willem-Aleander and Queen Máxima following attacks in Sri Lanka:

Avatar Author Royal House Moment of places 10: 58 - April 21, 2019

3 hours ago

Reporting at the Shangri La hotel in Colombo, where one of the attacks took place. The area is strewn with glass fragments.

4 hours ago

Travel agency Thomas Cook reports that no Dutch people who have booked through them are involved in the attacks on Sri Lanka. A spokesperson said so.

4 hours ago

The seventh attack was said to have taken place at a zoo in Dehiwala and cost the lives of two people.

4 hours ago

The reaction of British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The acts of violence against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka are truly appalling, and my deepest sympathies go out to all of those affected at this tragic time.We must stand together to make sure that no one should ever have to practice their faith in fear .

Avatar AuthorTheresa MayMoment of places10: 32 - April 21, 2019

4 hours ago

According to police, a seventh explosion has been reported in Dehiwala. This place is located just south of the capital, Colombo.

4 hours ago

Explosion in Sri Lankan church with dashcam captured

4 hours ago

The damage to the Shangri La hotel in Colombo.

4 hours ago

Terrible messages about attacks in #SriLanka with many victims. We monitor the situation and empathize with those affected. Follow @ 247BZ for more information about Dutch involvement

Avatar AuthorNCTVMoment of places10: 05 - April 21, 2019

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