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Although everything depends on each woman and it is complex to extract patterns that can be extrapolated to all of them, the favorite sexual positions of females are those that, obviously, are more pleasurable for them.

For this reason, the preferred ones are those that stimulate the areas where they feel the most, such as the clitoris and the G-spot or area, explains

Rosa Navarro

, psychologist and sexologist at



Among those that appear as favorites for the majority, are these:

the cowgirl

"It's a position with a high percentage of unconditional fans," says Navarro.

The reason comes, on the one hand, from the type of stimulation that is achieved with it: it is a position in which the woman receives a very direct friction on the clitoris due to the rubbing against her partner's pubis.

It must be remembered that a large number of women need this stimulation in order to reach orgasm.

And on the other hand, this position allows control of the rhythm and intensity of the penetrations, and also allows one to observe the reactions of the sexual partner, which not only provides a greater sensation of power, but is also very exciting.

Being on top of the partner, she has more control over the speed of penetration and over the movement, allowing the

clitoral touch to be when and how it is desired.

missionary with clamp

This posture is a variation of the traditional Missionary.

The woman is lying under her, but instead of keeping her legs spread, she wraps them around her partner's waist.

This alternative of the Missionary is usually very popular because it allows the woman to

couple her movements to those of her partner

without much effort and even redirect the rhythm of penetration so that she better adapts to her preferences.

Another added value to place it among one of the favorites, continues the Diversual sexologist, is the advantage of leaving the

woman's hands free

so that she can caress both herself and her partner.

Missionary with legs on shoulders

In this, the woman lies on her back and places her legs on the man's shoulders.

Arola Poch

, psychologist and sexologist, says that she is usually one of the favorites because it is a position that allows deep penetration, which can be very exciting, and stimulation of the clitoris thanks to the friction caused by the pressure of the legs.

If the lying person raises the pelvis slightly, they can find more or better stimulation.

The sexologist adds that it also allows free rein to

foot fetishism

, since it allows them to be put on the face or in the mouth of the companion.

oral sex

Women really like this practice because

it focuses on the clitoris,

an organ that has more than 8,000 nerve endings.

For this reason, Thais Duthie, a writer specializing in sexuality, places it among her favorites.

The queen's chair

It is one of the chosen ones because it allows oral stimulation of the vulva and clitoris area, allows control of posture and exact location, leaves one's hands free to touch other areas and has

a point of domination

, explains Arola Poch.

In this posture, the woman sits on her knees facing the partner.

"It is recommended that the person who sits controls the weight that she drops on who is below her. We want her to be able to stimulate the clitoris and vulva, not to suffocate us," explains Poch.

69 Side

The classic 69 position is the best known for practicing oral sex simultaneously.

Although it is a classic, it is one of the most enjoyed but especially in the lateral version.

In this variant of '69, the couple lies down facing each other but on their sides, leaving

each person's genitals at

mouth level .

It is the most comfortable way to receive and perform oral stimulation and, by having your hands free, you can always complement it with the stimulation of other areas manually, details Thais Duthie.


Duthie explains that when talking about the practice of tribadism, which comes from a Greek verb meaning "to rub," many people think of the earwig posture and its derivatives, typical of lesbian relationships.

She clarifies, on the other hand, that it is not carried out as often and is not usually a favorite.

"Other, more pleasurable and less uncomfortable postures are preferred," she says.

In the practice of tribadism, one of the top postures is the one in which a woman lies on top of the other and stimulation is produced with the movements of the bodies of both.

It can be done with accessories such as a

dildo or double harness

, making it one of the preferred positions to practice penetration, if desired.

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