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Meeting a fan

Chris Hemsworth likes to embarrass his little brother Liam every now and then.

The actor posted a series of photos with his brother, writing: "Always nice to meet my fans. I met this young man and he reminded me of my younger self. Not in appearance, but more in attitude. He kept insisting that we look alike, but I assured him that no one has my



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years older

Dave Roelvink and his girlfriend Jazzlyn became parents of their son Dean at the end of October.

More than a month later, they jokingly take stock of a month of parenthood: "What do we look like," says Dave in a video on Instagram.

"We've aged 35 years."

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Winston Gerschtanowitz has been to the gym and afterwards photographs himself as naturally as possible: with his hair tousled and a grimace.

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A night out 

Cristiano Ronaldo went to dinner with his family at a restaurant and visibly enjoys it.

While his Instagram is dominated by his football career, he occasionally gives a glimpse into his personal life.

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First kiss

Suzan and Freek have an anniversary to celebrate.

The couple kissed for the first time today exactly fourteen years ago.

"As we used to say to each other on MSN: hvj wjnmk!", they write on Instagram with a collection of photos.

"Since the restaurants are closed, we'll celebrate at home tonight: delicious pizza until one of us gives up first."

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Thomas Acda


could not


his strict daughter.

The singer and actor had to do a mask with her earlier today.

Because 'if I had just given her a sister, she wouldn't have to do this to me,'" he writes on Instagram.

"A logic that there was nothing to argue with. Not before I was covered in anyway. She took gold herself. Logical."

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Dave Roelvink must have thought

the hort of

Young learned, old done.

He took his son Dean, who was born at the end of October, on the road.

"On his Leidseplein again", he jokes on Instagram about the entertainment area.

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Completely happy

Jan Versteegh is happy: Sinterklaas has left the country and now he can finally put up the Christmas tree.

The presenter has gone for a fairly small size, so he can place the peak without a stool.

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Almost holidays


RTL News Breakfast

should ask after today even without John Hope.

The 66-year-old presenter is last seen at the desk on Tuesday morning before enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

Next June it will be all set for the news presenter;

then he retires.

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On the red carpet

Nicole Kidman had the premiere of her film

Being the Ricardos

in Los Angeles on

Monday evening 


The 54-year-old actress looked stunning and thoroughly enjoyed herself on the red carpet.

Monday at 18:50

Enjoying everywhere

Sylvie Meis enjoys everywhere with her husband Niclas Castello.

The presenter posts a photo on Instagram in which he wears her while they enjoy a holiday on a boat.

As usual, Castello's face is not visible.

Monday at 15:16

Royal appreciation

Shakira can count on royal appreciation.

She can count the six-year-old British Princess Charlotte among her fans.

Prince William said earlier this weekend that his daughter is a huge fan

of the singer's 2010


Waka Waka

. "I'm so glad you like my music, Princess Charlotte," Shakira wrote on Twitter.

I'm so pleased you like my music Princess Charlotte!

❣️ https://t.co/Ttx6K514iQ


AuthorShakiraMoment of places17: 47 - December 5, 2021

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Monday at 10:25

Seeing Abraham

Richard Krajicek turned fifty on Monday.

The house of the former tennis player is covered with streamers and balloons for the festive occasion.

"Happy with half a century," Krajicek's wife Daphne Deckers writes on Instagram.

Monday at 08:23

A cold shower

Donny Roelvink not only starts the day very early, but also very cold.

The influencer likes to take a cold shower to perk up, but that cold water always takes some getting used to.

On Instagram, he takes his followers along in his morning ritual.

Monday at 05:34

Just like Madonna

A week ago, Madonna posted a series of striking photos.

Richard Groenendijk now finally knows what the singer was doing: her keys were under the bed.

Monday at 05:31

Finally back together

It's been two years, but Tony Junior has been reunited with his good friend Isaac.

The two haven't been able to see each other for a while due to travel restrictions, but are now extra happy to see each other again.

Monday at 05:26


Chantal Janzen has shared a lot of photos of Sinterklaas at her home.

Not only youngest son Bobby was allowed to sit on Sinterklaas' lap, the presenter also sat down for a while.

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