Ilja Gort was married to Caroline d'Hollosy last year, the seventy-year-old writer and winemaker tells

De Telegraaf.

The intention was to celebrate in France, but due to the measures regarding the corona virus, a smaller ceremony was chosen in Amersfoort.

"We just got married very hard last year. In secret," says Gort, who always calls his partner 'winegrowers' mistress' in his books.

"The intention was to give a big party at the castle, with a hundred people, long tables, a roast ox on a spit and spouting champagne. But that all fell through."

Instead, Gort and d'Hollosy opted for a smaller wedding in Amersfoort.

"That was also really sweet and wonderful."

The wine and program maker had previously been married and had no intention of getting married again.

"But at one point I was looking at her and I thought: 'Pfff, what a fantastic, sweet, beautiful, intelligent and sexy woman'. Let's not be stupid and get stuck in decisions once made. So now I am, again, a married man."

In the conversation, Gort also says that he has transferred his wine company in the south of France to his 31-year-old son Klaas, who was already working there.


Gort Over de Grens

presenter will mainly focus on making a new television program and writing novels.

"It just became too much to combine everything."