The mattress company Emma immediately terminates the collaboration with reality star Maxime Meiland in response to the recent comments by Erica Renkema, the company said on Instagram.

After ticket seller Hallmark announced on Thursday that it would terminate its cooperation with the Meiland family in response to statements that Erica Renkema made about Islam in her biography


, this company also terminated the cooperation. is awaiting a response from the family.

The mattress manufacturer writes on Instagram that the comments are at odds with the company's values.

"Since we do not want to judge Maxime based on her mother's views, we have given her the opportunity to respond publicly. She has not responded to this to date."

As a result, the company "explicitly distances itself from the comments" and has immediately terminated the collaboration.

Maxime Meiland has already deleted all the photos she posted on Instagram for the brand, but has not commented on the end of the collaboration.

In the book, Renkema is critical of wearing headscarves and burqas, among other things.

For example, she says: "Damn it, with your burqa. I once saw three of those penguins walking in Noordwijk, that's not normal, is it?"

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