Donny Roelvink regrets that he ever had his teeth grinded so that pearly white veneers could be placed over them.

The 23-year-old influencer says on Instagram on Monday that he has done too little research into it and advises his followers to approach it differently.

Dries Roelvink's son has been struggling with many dental problems since he had the veneers fitted in Turkey.

Lately he has been to the dentist often to slow down the inflammation and see what can be done about it.

"Look guys, we're all human," said the model.

"We all make mistakes from time to time. I'm also human and I make mistakes too, but you have to be able to admit your mistakes."

Roelvink says that he was stubborn and naive at the time and that he should have done better research into how dentists in Turkey would work.

He previously showed that his healthy teeth have been ground down into small stumps and that crowns have been placed over them.

"Afterwards I regretted it a lot. With that teeth grinding, that shit. I was just super stupid and the only thing I can do is protect my followers from it. I promoted it at the time," said Roelvink, who confesses to forgetting that he has young followers who also see all this.

"First, sit down with your dentist and see if it can't be done naturally."