The Russian government has launched an investigation into Netflix series and films featuring LGBTQ+ characters.

The streaming service is said to have violated the law against promoting the LGBTQ+ community,

Reuters reported on


In Russia, a law was passed in 2013 stating that it is a criminal offense to promote "non-traditional sexual relations" to minors.

Still, Netflix would have found films and series in which same-sex relationships occur, suitable for viewers aged 16 and over.

The complaint against Netflix was filed by Olga Baranets, who has been appointed as "public commissioner to protect family values."

The Russian Interior Ministry is now investigating the complaint.

A Netflix spokesperson is said to

have informed

the Russian newspaper


that it is not aware of content that does not have the correct age rating.

Earlier this month, the Russian music channel Muz-TV was already fined 1 million rubles (almost 12,000 euros) for broadcasting their award show.

Two performers appeared on the red carpet to portray a marriage between two men.

The show was pre-designated to be suitable for viewers ages six and up.