On Thursday, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) also demanded a life sentence on appeal against a "ruthless" Willem Holleeder.

According to justice, the man has ordered five murders.

In a two-day requisition, the Public Prosecution Service explained how Holleeder, according to justice, had a part in the murders of Cor van Hout and Willem Endstra, among others.

Evidence for this includes the statements of Holleeder's sisters.

The demand for life did not come as a surprise.

It was the demand that the Public Prosecution Service also asked the court for and also the sentence that was imposed on 63-year-old Holleeder last year.

According to the prosecutors, Holleeder had various motives, such as financial gain or because the victim (for example in the case of John Mieremet) had wanted his life.

OM labels Holleeder as a master intrigue

"Murder is one of the most serious crimes in our country," the public prosecutor told the court in Amsterdam.

"No one has the right to dispose of someone else's life. Yet that is what the suspect has done."

"He has played for his own judge," the officer continued.

All this, according to the Public Prosecution Service, stemmed from "lust for power, envy and the pursuit of profit."

The Public Prosecution Service described Holleeder as a "master intrigue", who has deliberately chosen a criminal life.

In support of the demand for a life sentence, the officer said that "Defendant has repeatedly inflicted irreparable harm and must be responded to appropriately and proportionately."

Judgment only on June 14th

Holleeder himself said in an initial reaction that he was not surprised by the requirement.

"I have heard the story", referring to the indictment.

He said he held back because he wanted to respond to everything.

He informed the court that he has never interfered in liquidations.

Willem Holleeder's lawyers will have their say next week.

The court will make a decision on June 14.